​Tunes & Tacos Festival

Tunes & Tacos Festival Winners

2017 Sponsors

April 13-14, 2018

City of Yuma Presents...

2017 Salsa Queen Contest
Yuma's BEST HOT salsa, Laura Aguirre
Yuma's BEST MEDIUM salsa, Nana's Secret Recipe
Yuma's BEST MILD salsa, Lindsay Ponder
Yuma's BEST WILD salsa, Nana's Secret Recipe
Most festive booth at the salsa Queen competition, The Spice is Right 
2017 Yuma's Salsa QUEEN Nana's Secret Recipe!

2017 Taco King Contest
Yuma's BEST BEEF Taco, Barbudo Bros Tacos
Yuma's BEST PORK Taco, Fidel's Tacos
Yuma's BEST SEAFOOD Taco, Tops Tacos 
Yuma's BEST UNIQUE Taco, Barbudo Bros Tacos 
2017 Yuma's Taco KING Tops Tacos!